Letters To My People

Letters To My People: Inspirational Essays, Poems, and Affirmations Book Cover Image

Letters To My People: Inspirational Essays, Poems, and Affirmations
by Dr. Chris T. Pernell (Author)
138 pages
ISBN-10 1490322876
ISBN-13 978-1490322872

Live life like it's a movement: full of purpose and fiery resolve. How? By finding your significance and leaning, perhaps falling, in the direction of your greatness. Maybe you fail. That's fine. Just don't quit. But make forward progress at all costs. Success is found in the sum of its parts and how they fit uniquely. In other words, you matter. Your story matters. Our stories matter. Hence, Letters to My People was born—a conversation that hopes to affirm and provoke a renaissance in your heart and soul. It's never too late to start living your excellence! So start today. Aspire. Letters to My People is a poignant collection of intimate essays, poems, and aphorisms that aims to spark a chain reaction: a wave of honest growth from a quiet storm to a revolution of intent. Consider these letters the reflections of a fellow sojourner walking along that determined road. Now, here's your invitation to join me! Give no regard to your past, your record of wins and losses, your status, or your current beliefs. Rather, exhale and dance alongside the words and rhythms on the pages that compel you to discover, confess, and own your calling. Learn how to seize your worth from a power-packed, insightful read. Learn to expect more. Then be dared to instill that same know-how in another. Be encouraged and challenged to tap into your greatest self. Be the you that the world needs—the flint that ignites another soul. A legacy unknown or unfulfilled is a life never truly broken in. Instead, find your own clarity through the provocative voice of another in pursuit of an inconvenient and uncommon truth. What is sown in this exchange is certain to be reaped in the peculiar ways that each life counts. As explained in one of the essays, find your mountain. Every mountain has a name on it; and every person, a victory waiting to be claimed. Read Letters to My People and step into a brave, new you, and frame the world you want to experience.